Because I’m uber proud of this feedback – I wanted to share. Below is an excerpt from an email I received recently from one of my clients.

. . . By the way, the mailers you designed have been extremely productive so far. The ones we’ve sent out recently have been getting more than double the response that we used to get.

I’ll take a little bit of the credit for conceiving of the pieces, but really the major differences with these new mailers is the fact that they have new, modern, attractive designs (and don’t look like they’re 15 years outdated).

Promoting these free seminars is how we get new clients and is really the lifeblood of our company long-term, and thanks to this new promo we’ve gone from barely surviving along that line, to having an abundance of new leads. Our guys have been answering the phones and receiving reply cards and registrations non-stop these last couple weeks.

So good job! And thank you! It’s making a big, BIG difference for our company.

In case you were wondering which mailers are being referenced, you can view those here or here. This client also sang praise on this magazine project as well:

The magazine isn’t as much of a direct-response type of promo piece, but our clients absolutely love it. I’ve gotten tons of comments from clients about how beautiful it is and how much different (and better) the look of our company and marketing are now. And yes, we have had some direct responses, too (just 10 minutes ago I answered an inquiry from a client who wanted a product mentioned in one of the magazine articles).